meat grinder vs food processor

Meat Grinder vs Food Processor-Which is the best?

When updating kitchen equipment, many housewives wonder what is the difference between a conventional meat grinder and a food processor. 

Both options can meet a wide range of needs. They grind products easily and quickly. So which device is cheaper to buy, and by what criteria can you determine which one is better than another? 

We will help to identify differences between devices and make choices.

What is the difference between a Meat Grinder & a Food Processor?

Some owners do not see a significant difference between the two devices, but they differ in many ways. Comparative analysis will help to understand what is better and more useful – a food processor or meat grinder.

Meat Grinder vs Food Processor
Meat Grinder vs Food Processor

Power Indicators of the Device

Purpose of meat grinders – processing of meat in which tough, firm Parts can be present. Therefore, their engines are much more powerful than the engines of Combines. The latter is more suitable for dough, vegetables, or fruits. For example, the maximum power of the Cuisinart meat grinder is 300 W, and the meat grinder STX turbo force at jamming of 3000 W.


According to this parameter, the choice of “meat grinder or combine” tends to be the second option, because the set of useful options for the latter is greater. It allows you to solve several culinary tasks – knead the dough, beat the cream, make minced meat, juice, sausages, grind various products, and grind coffee. For example, in the KitchenAid model and a blender, as well as a nozzle for souffle. The device will perfectly cope with most home cooking experiments.

Advantages of the Electric Meat Grinder

This device is used not only for minced meat. Shredding vegetables or fish, cooking sausages or kebbe, shredding, grater – the list of possibilities of electric meat grinders is wide. For example, in the Sunmile SM-G31 model, nozzles for tomatoes and cookies.

This kitchen tool is indispensable for meat lovers. Among the advantages of the unit should be noted:

  • High power performance. The productivity of innovative electric meat grinders is high – for example, the STX Turboforce 3000 model easily twists 180 and 240 Lbs of Meat per Hour. This figure is sufficient for budget devices. For example, the HOMEASY Meat Grinder will handle 0.8 kg of product per minute.
  • A variety of options when working with meat. Thanks to a large number of nozzles, the meat grinder will make stuffing of any consistency. You will get a grinder that is suitable for cutlets, dumplings, dumplings, and other meat dishes. Twisting a piece of lean meat with bone fragments is not a problem for modern models.
  • Simplicity. Electric meat grinders have been replaced by manual ones, but any housewife knows about the purpose and features of this device. This is familiar to us and understandable for kitchen appliances. If you do not want to understand the purpose of each nozzle, just buy a compact meat grinder.
Meat Grinder vs Food Processor
Electric meat grinder

When there is no need for a juicer, blender, or mixer, but meat dishes are prepared often and in large quantities, a meat grinder is a great purchase. It will be easy to understand the principle of its work.

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This kitchen appliance with a rich set of features is a find for lovers of delicious food. This technique quickly became popular due to:

  • Compactness. The use of a combine does not require utensils. All the necessary containers and bowls are available and have sufficient volume. For example, in the Hamilton Beach (70725A) model, a 12-cup Stack & Snap Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper.
  • Simplicity. Food processors are easy to disassemble, dry, and wash. Removing and installing any part will not take much time.
  • Extensive functionality. It can be seen in the example of the model Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor. It includes nozzles for pasta, sausages, and coffee, mixing spices and herbs, slicing meat, shredding, and beating eggs.

Cut vegetables into cubes and prepare a delicious filling or salad base – all this is possible with a food processor.

CharacteristicMeat GrinderFood Processor
DimensionsUsually largeCompact
FunctionalLimited, mainly for working with meat.Wide, for different types of products.

Meat Grinder or Food Processor?

That the equipment did not stand idle, and money was not spent in vain, it is necessary to be defined with the tasks set before the device. Lovers of vegetable and fruit dishes, fresh juices, and cocktail parties, as well as mothers who prepare food for their babies, will love the combination. For a large family with many meat lovers, the best choice is a meat grinder.


1. Can I use a food processor instead of a meat grinder?

A food processor can be used in place of a meat grinder, but there are some differences. A food processor will not grind the meat as finely as a meat grinder, so the final product will be a bit chunkier. Additionally, a food processor typically doesn’t have the same capacity as a meat grinder, so it may take longer to grind the same amount of meat. However, a food processor is much easier to use and clean than a meat grinder, so it may be a better option for some people.

2. Can you grind up meat in a food processor?

A food processor can be used to grind meat, but the final product will not be as fine as if the meat were ground using a meat grinder. Additionally, the food processor may not have the same capacity as a meat grinder, so it may take longer to grind the same amount of meat.

3. Can you grate cheese with a meat grinder?

It is possible to grate cheese using a meat grinder, but it is not the most efficient way to do it. A better option would be to use a cheese grater. However, if you only have a meat grinder available, it is possible to do it that way. Just make sure that the grater is clean and free of any meat residue, or the cheese will taste like meat.

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