What Knives Do Chefs Use

What knives do chefs use?

In Search of the Best Chef’s Knife

A knife is probably the only kitchen tool you should use every time you prepare food. Even the stove is optional – you can do without it to make a salad, say or make a parmesan, but a good chef’s knife is important. Today we know that what knives do chefs use?

chefs knive

People’s reliance on knives goes backward, backward – some scientists say that what made us human was the time when, about two and a half million years ago, some prehistoric ancestors used crude stone swords to cut a corpse.

 The ability to cut meat, share it, store it, and carry it, allows us to consume more calories and adapt differently. Our brains have become bigger, our jaws have become smaller, our tools have become more complex and our cooperation has improved – all the continuation of human history was created with a knife. And all that leads to you, standing in Williams Sonoma, is the controversy between Wüsthof and Global.

There’s nothing like a best chef’s knife – finding a knife that works best involves thinking about a lot of flexibility, like your hand size, your cooking style, and what sounds natural and comfortable to you. For this article, I have evaluated an eight-inch test, a Western-style, or Japanese-Western chef tower for a list price of less than $ 200, though most are more expensive than that.

Freely, the two qualities feature the Western or hybrid style chef knife.

First, the belly of the pumpkin is bent or small, so you can use vibrating movements – where the tip of the knife does not leave the cutting board – that is common in Western kitchens. And secondly, the metal edge was inserted on both sides, forming an edge that resembled a “v,” rather than being inserted on only one side, as is the custom in some Japanese knives.

A Word on Steel

The very simplified big picture is that if you are looking for an all-purpose 8-inch chef’s knife – one that is in a reasonable price range and is made by most retailers – you have heavy-duty, German- There is a choice between style models (like Wüsthof), which are usually made of slightly softer steel alloys (“alloy” means a mixture of different metals), or lighter Japanese-style models (such as shun), Which are usually made of hard steel alloys. Not necessarily better than the other. They are totally different, especially the way they feel and move in your hand.

Hardened steel has a sharp edge for a long time but once slackened it can be more difficult to sharpen. And a very hard, very sharp edge can also be more delicate and brittle than a soft one, making cutting a heavy squash, for example, a bit risky for the blade.

(However, a knife-maker can reduce that brittleness by adding another element to the mixture: for example, molybdenum is often used to give more hardness to very hardened steel.)

What Knives Do Chefs Use

 A softer steel alloy, such as That is used in the German tradition, to begin with, may become less fast and slightly faster to slack off. But it can be easy to sharpen again and maybe better for heavy-duty jobs, such as splitting the bone into a chicken breast, without worrying that you are about to damage the blade. Generally speaking, hard steel is sharper and more fragile, while softer steel is harder. If you are shopping for a knife, you may ask where it falls on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. The 50s to mid-50s, mid-50s to mid-40s are difficult.

Hayward’s advice?  Bring a bag of ripe tomatoes with you to the knife shop. “You may concern about which knife you like most until you use it to cut a ripe tomato.”

Lets watch the vedio What Knives Do Chefs Use ?

The Best Chef’s Knives

Hayward calls this knife an “extraordinary all-rounder” and I agree. It has a hard, super-sharp blade and a simple wooden handle that is much comfortable and feels protected in the hand. This is razor-sharp for a reason — the founder of Mac has made the company’s knife on razors. The blade is carved at a very thin, very sharp angle, which makes it exceptionally sharp. High carbon stainless steel makes it considerably stiffer, but also contains a dose of molybdenum, which reduces brittleness and makes the metal more flexible, less likely to chip.

What Knives Do Chefs Use

 It is lightweight and feels balanced, with a shape that is natural and easy to control. It can clean basil, without cutting the leaves. It easily cuts the skin of tomatoes and cuts an onion easily. It supersedes an orange quickly and accurately. A mixture of razor-like blades and the familiar, comfortable blade shape and handle, for me, made it the option overall. It is on the lighter side, but not the lightest: it is less suitable for cutting whole chicken or butternut squash than a German knife, but it was the best Japanese knife for those tasks that had only enough weight to get the job done. . If I had only one knife, I would choose it. (Weight: 6.8 oz.)

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What Knives Do Chefs Use ?

Cutting material with a dull knife is not only difficult but also dangerous. Watching an older manhandle a tomato with a dull knife is a pathetic scene. For your physical and mental well-being as well as your reputation, it is time to invest in a quality set.

That’s why we asked the best chefs, restaurants, and food stylists for their shopping recommendations, from easy-to-use Japanese knives to razor-sharp paring blades forged by the best brands around. While there are some very valuable options out there, worthy of a true grandmaster, there are also budget options that will last you a long time. Our experts also recommend some maintenance and cutting, to ensure that your new equipment is alive to prepare another meal.

On that note, even the most expensive knives on this list will become dull if you don’t treat them with the respect they deserve. By getting everything right, you need to be able to slice through. Apiece of paper seamlessly and not leave a single scratch or tear. This means that it doesn’t have to be slammed against the chopping board (throw that marble one away while you’re at it), or remove the material from the sharp part of the blade).

What Knives Do Chefs Use

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 This means maintaining it regularly with a rod or whey (some chefs even suggest doing this every time you use it). Learning how to sharpen a knife is difficult and somewhat worrying primarily, but soon it will just become part of the ritual.

Many of these products have been produced by independent bladesmiths, and therefore may be regularly out of stock. To help, we have provided options.

Now we know that What Knives Do Chefs Use and how to separate them.

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