how to clean a meat grinder

How to Clean a Meat Grinder in 6 Steps: The Ultimate Guide

Meat grinders, in particular, have many cranes and nooks that can serve as inviting places for bacteria, so you need to know the right way to clean them. And that’s why after reading this article you will learn how to clean a meat grinder and keep that knowledge in hand. Could you read our blog to know the right way?

Cleanup Method: How To Clean a Meat Grinder

You only need to follow six steps to clean this meat grinder. Following these, you can clean your meat grinder and its many cranes and bacteria-attractive nooks.

Step 1: Do not delay cleaning the meat grinder!

You may all like to cook, but I neglect to clean the leftovers at the end of the day. Even though many people wash their meat grinders, it takes a long time, so cleaning them later becomes difficult.

If it is kept dirty, the flesh of the residue gets time to rot and grow stale. This causes the meat to stick to the corners of your meat grinder. So it is better to clean your meat grinder right after using it.

Plus, you’ll get rid of clutter you don’t need, but cleaning it up will make it much easier!

 Step 2: Wet the grease

how to clean a meat grinder

One thing to keep in mind is that while you are not only cleaning the meat residue in the meat grinder, the by-products are also leaving. One such by-product is fat or grease, which is very important to get rid of.

To deal with this grease, you can use bread crumbs that will effectively soak up some fat and make it easier to clean as temporary sponges.

The primary way to do this is to wipe the inner part of the meat grinder with a piece of bread to absorb the stickiness as soon as it is run. Moreover, if you notice, you will realize that by simply simplifying the cleaning process, you can spend time shaking your meat grinder.

Step 3: Remove small parts

Now that you have partially cleaned the particles and grease from the remnants of the meat, it is time to separate it for some thorough cleaning.

This will be a simple step for you, that you are simply putting the parts of the meat grinder in the sink to clean them separately. These parts should include grinding blades, feeding tube, top cover, and these small screws on the bottom plates that will hold these parts together.

 Step 4: Soak the parts in a solution of soap.

When it comes to when you start cleaning the meat grinder properly, all you have to do is loosen everything, and you will need enough buckets to hold those parts. Then fill the bucket with mild hot water and your favorite dishwashing soap there. Spread all the pieces in soapy water at the very end and let them soak for 30 minutes.

how to clean a meat grinder

This will grease the top of your meat grinder parts and remove all the stubborn textures of the meat without shaking your body. It is safe for both electric and manual meat grinders. 

Note: Care must be taken not to soak any motorized components of the electric meat grinder in water.

Step 5: Wash

When you take the isolated parts of the meat grinder out of the soap solution, they must remain oily or sticky meat and grease-free. However, to remove these, you can now proceed by washing them separately with hot soapy water.

how to clean a meat grinder

Or, Then You can grab a sponge at this point to gently scrub the parts as an extra measure. Wash your dishes in the same way you wash your dishes. But yes, there are some sensitive parts like grinder blades. 

Note: Be careful while washing them; otherwise, your fingers are more likely to get cut.

Step 6: Let it dry

It has already been cleaned, meaning that all parts of the meat grinder are spotless without the mark of meat or grease. But it would be best if you used your washcloths or kitchen towels to dry them and then use them as before.

Remember always to make sure that the disassembled parts of the dish rack dry naturally before reassembling the machine together. Ensure that there are no water particles on the steel surface of the pieces, as these will create potential rust later on.

If you follow these cleaning tips,

you will have cleaned your Meatgrinder in just a few minutes! Impressive, right?

Storing The Clean Meat Grinder

In the words of an experienced person, it is essential to clean the meat grinder, then remove the rust from the parts and preserve it. Because the proper storage of your meat grinder will keep it free from wear and tear. Here are some ideal ways to store it after it dries,

Meat Grinder
  • Place each portion in a separate bag filled with rice. Add some rice to absorb in high humid areas or the freezer.
  • Meat grinders benefit us the most in winter. So leave the non-motorized parts in your fridge for an hour before use. Then take it out and reconnect. Try to keep the unit in a dry place if there is no storage space.
  • Coat the parts of the metal meat grinder with food-grade mineral oil or any mineral. We recommend you use a spray bottle to do this.
  • Before using the meat grinder, spray the oily parts with one tablespoon of bleach and 3.8L of water. Then wash each ingredient with clean water to remove the remaining bleach.

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1. Can you put a grinder of meat in the dishwasher?

Why not? Because it depends on the manual instructions and model of the machine. But some dishwashers are not safe. So it is advisable to wash them by hand.

2. How do you clean an aluminum meat grinder?

You should take an equal amount of water with vinegar because only this solution is used to treat aluminum meat grinder. Otherwise, you can double it as you need.

3. How to clean an old metal meat grinder?

Although the method is similar to those described above, the only problem with its old grinder is that you need to use it with another cleaning agent or water for a while longer.

4. How can you get rust from an old meat grinder?

If you have an old grinder, you can remove the pepper from it to treat with a light bunch for half an hour. However, then use a metal brush to wipe the metal parts of the pepper as much as possible with an old towel.
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Last Thought

You may already know how to clean a meat grinder. However, only an adequately maintained meat grinder will protect it from being poorly cleaned. Now you don’t have to worry about any harm; use it healthily now.

If you can afford to buy this thing, you may want to consider purchasing a new one if your old meat grinder is worn out due to a lack of proper care. Some powerful meat grinders are practical for you and can save you money.

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