How to Inject Meat Without an injector easily | With 7 Steps

It is very easy to use an injector, but you can install a turkey without it. Just take a fork and roll holes in the skin of your turkey. After that, place the turkey in a large food service bag and pour the marinade over it. Today we know how to inject meat without an injector.

Also, where do you put the turkey with the injected marinade?

Put the uncooked turkey in a pan and load your favorite marinades into a hypodermic meat injection. Inject the marinade into many parts of Turkey, especially the chest, thighs, a large part of the wings, and legs. Do this by carefully lifting the skin, rather than pressing the needle.

After that, the question is, when should you inject Turkey before frying it? Traditionally, fried turkey is injected with marinade before cooking; how long before cooking is controversial. You can add turkey anywhere from 24 hours to 5 minutes before frying. We have got fantastic results by injecting two hours before frying.

And, Know can you inject Turkey before baking it?

Remember to use injection marinades a few hours before you start cooking. When the meat is injected before baking, it is best to taste it at the end. If you choose to bathe the bird and inject it, do not add salt to the injection mixture as you will end up with a lot of it.

Tips on How to Inject Meat Without an Injector?

You can add spices or other strong ingredients like garlic to your injection recipe. Just be sure to grind the ingredients into a fine powder or paste.

Use a suitable needle to find mixed solutions. You will need one with a large opening otherwise it will be difficult to find a solution with a needle and meat.

One of our favorite injection recipes is called Madeira Injector Sauce and it works well in Turkey.

Perhaps you would like to understand a little more about what a world-class vaccine involves.

How to Inject Meat Without an injector
Injecting Meat

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How to Add Your Meat – A step-by-step tutorial

Don’t worry, it won’t take 7 years for medical school. Injecting meat is very quick and easy.

We have compiled a step-by-step tutorial guide and included some tips and tricks used by experienced pitmasters to get good results every time.

1) Before you start, choose which pin is appropriate

If your syringe has needles in place, give yourself time to think about which one you will need to use to fit the size and cut of the meat you are preparing, and what you plan to inject.

For example, a needle with holes in the top of the shaft is made for small injection solutions such as marinades. This type of needle will distribute the fluid evenly throughout the meat. One needle with a thick opening is suitable for cooking methods that may contain garlic cloves, or grind spices in it.

How to Inject Meat Without an injector easily

A thick needle should be able to deliver this solution without restriction. Once you know which needle you need to use, you can change the needle by unrolling it at the bottom of the bin. Replace the needle you want to use by smoking that needle.

2) Adjust your equipment

Make sure your syringe needle is clean, and there are no residues left inside the needle from the time of last use. Not only can this prevent the flow of the solution, but it is also important to consider food safety, as bacteria can grow on any meat residue left in the needle.

Make sure you have a container with your solutions and a tray to seat your meat while you put it.

You may want to wear something over your clothes because it can be messy!

3) Prepare your injection solution

Make sure you blend and save your injection solution in a non-reactive container. The solution you prepare should not be overly complicated.

For example, a great pork injection recipe includes:

  • Apple juice
  • Water
  • sugar
  • Salt
  • Worcestershire sauce.

To ensure that the solution is well mixed, one trick is to mix all the ingredients in a water bottle and shake it before pouring it into the bowl you are using to remove it. As a rough guide, you can expect to put about 2 cups of slurry in an 8-12 pound pork butt.

4) Fill your syringe with an injection solution

Continually pull the syringe plunger towards you and dip the needle into the solution. If you have a clear-bodied injector, you will see fluid filling the barrel of the syringe. You may have to bend the bowl if you are using a needle pierced above the shaft to avoid drawing air.

If you are having trouble getting that solution, here are some steps you can take:

  • Pour your injection solution into a plastic water bottle.
  • Cover the bottle.
  • Heat your injector’s needle and pierce the lid.
  • Place some electrical tape on top of the lid.
  • Pull back your injector’s handle and fill the barrel with air.
  • Pierce through the electrical tape with your needle – the idea is to make a “gasket”.
  • Pour some air into the bottle with your injector to make it easier, which will make it easier to remove the fluid.
  • Turn the bottle upside down and pull the liquid into your injector.

5) Choose a place to inject your solution

If you have the bone in your flesh, be sure to inject it into and around the bone. Another tip is to inject from the side, targeting the muscle instead of injecting directly into the top of the meat. By doing this, you will not lose an excessive amount of fluid because you are transporting it right between the muscle fibers, elevating the meat. As soon as the liquid is given, you should be able to see the flesh flourishing.

6) Add the slurry to the meat

This is done by simply pushing the syringe plunger down. Try pushing down with steady uniform pressure, and make sure the needle is deep into the meat so that you don’t lose too much liquid.

If you are using a needle with holes in the shaft, make sure that all holes are in the flesh, otherwise, the liquid will end up in your eyes or on your clothes!

7) Keep injecting until you spread the liquid evenly throughout the meat

If you are using a small needle, you can rotate it in the same place to distribute the solution evenly over that area. Be sure to rotate the sliced portion of the meat and pour it from both sides.

You can still inject from the top, but you can get the most effective coverage by injecting from the sides.


If you want to get technical, getting familiar with the anatomy of the animal you are working with will help, as you will understand where the best places to inject are to get maximum coverage.

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