How To Put Out A Grill Fire

4 steps With How To Put Out A Grill Fire?

You may find a few people who prefer to avoid grilled foods. The best time to fire up a grill and enjoy cooking excellent food with family and friends is when the temperature rises.

I always prefer grilled food over other types of food. However, before grilling food, ensure you are ready to keep your house and family safe.

During grilling, you can witness an accident caused by the grill fire. And grill fires are of different types: Charcoal, grease, and gas fire.

Are you wondering about how to put out a grill fire? No worries because this article will guide you in extinguishing grill fires.

Common Reasons For Grill Fires

Numerous things can start grill fires. The most frequent causes are:

  • A grease fire is a kind of fire that develops when grease falls onto the coals and then overheats. If the ignition is nearby, the grease will begin to smoke and ignite when it reaches a specific temperature.

It can occur, firstly, if you use too much oil when cooking. And secondly, if you left food on the grills for an extended time.

  • Outdoor grills are frequently placed too close to sheds, and decks, which is dangerous and poses a severe fire risk. If you do not adequately secure the grill, it can catch fire. So, the recommended distance between outdoor grills and any structure is at least 10 feet.
  • A fire accident can happen if you put too many flammable objects beside the grill.
  • Problems in grilling or cooking appliances can cause grill fires.
  • Grease buildup on heat shields or the grill can cause grill fires.
  • If you do not clean your grill after use, debris can build up on the grill and can cause grill fires.
  • If you use an electric starter inside, then it can cause static electricity and cause a fire.

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Steps Of Putting Out A Grease Grill Fire

How To Put Out A Grill Fire

If you want to know how to put out a grill fire or a grease grill fire, follow the following few simple tips:

  • Step 1: Avoid Using Water

Fat oil and water do not work well together. You will often hear that there are better ideas than mixing fat oil and water.

On the grill, the same casing is visible. Since it contains a lot of fat from pork oil, you should not put water on grease fires because it could make them worse.

  • Step 2: Put The Meat On The Edge

Move the food to the grill’s edge, away from the flames, if the meat fat starts to burn. Then, you should return the fat after it has taken time to burn.

  • Step 3: Switch Off The Grill’s Burners And Sprinkle Salt Or Baking Soda On Them

You should turn off the burners because it will help to reduce the flame if it is too large and you cannot find the meat. Then, you should sprinkle salt or baking soda because they will rapidly and effectively put out the flame.

  • Step 4: Call The Nearby Fire Department

Always keep an extinguisher handy. You need to start by using a fire extinguisher if the flame becomes more severe. If the fire is powerful and none of the above-mentioned strategies succeeded, you should move away and call the nearby fire department for help.

Tips For Cleaning A Grill After Catching Fire

In the following way, you can clean a grill after catching fire:

  • Remove Ashes

Removing all of the ashes from the grill’s base is essential for clearing up a charcoal grill fire. You can use a brush and a shovel to do this. Ensure to sweep out any ash that could have gathered into the lid or the sides of the grill.

  • Wash The Grill With Water And Soap

After that, scrub all surfaces with hot, soapy water and thoroughly dry the surfaces before using them again. If the gas tank or fittings come in contact with smoke or heat from the fire, clean them out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use A Grill After Utilizing A Fire Extinguisher?

After utilizing a fire extinguisher, you can grill food. But you must clean your grill by removing the greased pan and washing the burners with hot water and soap.

How Much Time Does It Take For Grease To Burn Off A Grill?

The majority of the food particles burn off within 10 minutes. But the exact amount of time relies on the food quantity and heat you are cooking.

What Kind Of Extinguisher Should I Use On A Grease Or Gas-liquid Fire?

You should apply a Class B fire extinguisher to put out the fire if it is ignited by liquid or gas, such as gasoline or cooking oil. These extinguishers perform by stopping the chemical reaction occurring between the gasoline and the air’s oxygen. You can find dry chemicals like potassium or sodium bicarbonate in class B fire extinguishers.

Can A Grease Fire Be Put Out Using CO2?

Yes. You can put out grease fires quickly with carbon dioxide. The oxygen that feeds a fire is replaced by CO2 when it is added.
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Also, the fire would not be able to burn much longer without oxygen. Additionally, CO2 is significantly cooler than the outdoor temperature, which aids in cooling the oil and preventing it from reigniting.

Wrap Up

Now at the end of the article, I hope you know the reasons for causing the grill fire. And I hope you will keep the reasons in mind. Moreover, you have learned about how to put out a grill fire.

However, if you encounter any grill fire accident, the steps for extinguishing grill fire in this article will help you. On top of that, remember you must clean your grill after using it. The reason is that a grill full of debris can also cause a fire.

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