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4 Brilliant Ways How To Clean Hibachi Grill?

A nice grill station in the house’s backyard reminds everyone about their sweetest family time. The grill station is the most important gadget for every summer barbecue party or any festive.

There are a lot of hibachi grill restaurants that are at the top nowadays. People like to buy hibachi grills for their houses also.

Last time I had a barbecue party at my house, and after the party, I spent hours cleaning it. A hibachi grill is a high-maintenance tool, I must say.

Does it look like a cleaning hassle to have a hibachi grill already? Well, it should not. Let me assist you with this article about How to Clean Hibachi grill. Keep reading till the end, and you will learn a lot of hacks and tips to clean your hibachi.

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Hibachi Grill

Hibachi is basically a Japanese word. It is a Japanese technology that was invented in the 8th century. Hibachi means “fire bowl” if we directly translate it.

Vegetables, meat, sea foods cooked in a hibachi grill are called hibachi-styled cooked. It is usually a round stove that uses charcoal to cook. It has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

Nowadays, hibachi grills are one of the first choices for household usage. Even restaurants make their menus according to the hibachi grill-type cooked dishes. A hibachi grill costs around 25 USD to thousands of dollars.

Types of Hibachi Grill

As we already know that hibachi is a small portable charcoal stove; let’s see how many varieties it has. There are mainly ‘three types of hibachi grills.’ 

Firstly, The classic Hibachi charcoal grill is made of cast iron or aluminum. It is a great usage for households that have limited space.

Secondly, there are gas griddles which is a flat-top cooking spaces. It has multiple cooking spots. Moreover, it allows placing the pots directly on the grill.

And lastly, there is the teppanyaki gas grill which is a great grill that everyone would want. It gives a fancy experience that everyone will enjoy cooking with. The multiple surfaces give comfort to cook meat, poultry, and vegetables all together.

Moreover, there are some varieties with the hibachi grill table also. Korean style, Japanese style, smokelessness, french type, etc. These are quite popular nowadays.

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A Complete Guide to Clean Your Hibachi Grill

A lot of people do not clean their grills after every use. But cleaning your hibachi grill after every use is highly recommended to maintain hygiene and food nutrition.

Here, I am describing the cleaning process step by step:

  • As the grill would be oily and greasy, it will be a long hard work to clean off all these messes. So, to start with, heat the grill so that the oil and grease can come off quickly.
  • Secondly, use some cooking oil on the grill’s surface and wipe it off with a clean cotton cloth. If you don’t want to have any scratches, you should be very careful. Use some organic oil all over the hibachi grill body, and it will be smooth and shiny as new.
  • Furthermore, for the stainless-steel hood and other grill parts, you should follow the oil-cleaning process that I have described above.
  • Lastly, make sure your hibachi grill is completely dry before your next use. Recheck the timer and set it again if needed.

How to Clean Different Types of Hibachi Grill

Three types of hibachi grills are the most common. They are different in usage and cooking techniques. And for cleaning, you must know the different cleaning processes according to your hibachi type. Let me show you how to do that.

How to clean the non-chromium grill surface

First, heat the grill a bit, and wait to let go of all the excess food oil and grease from the surface. Now, take a scraper and scrape off all the grease properly.

If any stubborn grease is left, you should use a scouring rock to scrub off the leftovers. Wash it with dish soap, then let it dry completely before your next use.

How to clean Chromium and non-stick surface

To start the cleaning process, it is not necessary to heat the grill. First, Scrape circularly with the hibachi scraper. Then use a damp cloth to wipe off all the excess grease and food leftovers.

You can also use dishwashing soap, but do not use any harsh chemicals. You should follow this process to clean your teppanyaki gas grill. And make sure it is completely dry before using the grill.

Non-chemical wash

You should follow this formula if you don’t want to use chemical products. Vinegar and lemon are the best combinations for cleaning. This combination will clean your grill properly, and it won’t hurt your grill surface.

First, spray some vinegar on the grill surface, and wait for at least 30 minutes. You can see that grease and food leftovers coming off the grill easily. Squeeze some lemons on it, and wipe it off with a clean cloth, and you are done.

Hibachi Grill Cleaning tools

Your backyard hibachi grill should be taken care of by proper tools if you want it to give you a good service every time. Here are some of the cleaning tools recommended by professional hibachi chefs.

  • Grill scraper- A grill scraper is a metal tool that will help you to scrape the stubborn grease on the grill surface. You can find many options on Amazon, Walmart, Costco, etc.
  • Grill brush- A grill brush will help you reach the place your hands and scraper can’t get. Some grill brush has an in-built scraper also. So, it’s a must-have one.
  • Grill cleaning brick- If you want to get a new shine every time you clean your hibachi grill, then you should have the grill cleaning brick. It is a quick tool for cleaning.


A hibachi grill is pretty much costly to afford, and it needs special care also. Therefore, people have many questions about How to Clean Hibachi Grill. I am going to answer some of them below:

1. How much does a hibachi grill cost?

The price depends on the type of hibachi you want. The most affordable one you can get is of 25 dollars. And a professional hibachi could cost you a thousand and above.
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2. Do I need a special kind of tool to clean my hibachi grill?

Yes, a hibachi requires special tools like- a hibachi scraper, a hibachi brush, and grill cleaning brick to clean the grill properly.

3. Can I use a chemical cleaner to clean my teppanyaki grill?

A teppanyaki hibachi grill is a pretty high maintenance. It has a metal plate surface. So you should use a stainless-steel-friendly chemical to clean.

4. Is it necessary to preheat a hibachi grill before cleaning?

Preheating the grill will be a time-saving hack if you want to clean your hibachi grill with minimum hard work.
It will make the oil, grease, and leftovers easily come off the grill surface with a scraper.

5. Which hibachi is the most convenient for household use?

A household use backyard hibachi is used very occasionally. For that, the charcoal hibachi grill will be perfect for household use which does not require a professional hand.

6. Do I need to be a professional to use a hibachi grill?

A charcoal hibachi grill does not require a professional hand. A lot of time, it’s quite convenient and easy to use than the regular ones.

Wrap up

A hibachi grill is quite a popular thing nowadays. Its unique design and rich history make it so versatile. Anybody would want a hibachi for their backyard grill space.

But I already mentioned that a hibachi is quite high maintenance. It needs extra care and special tools to clean. So, keeping the grill clean is not an extreme sport anymore when you know How to Clean Hibachi Grill. In this writing, I tried to give you useful advice for cleaning your hibachi. I hope it helps.

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