Electric Smoker vs Wood Smoker

Electric Smoker vs Wood Smoker- Which is best?

Do you think you’d like an all-purpose smoker and trying to figure out what type of smoker is best for you? You’ve watched a few cooking shows that focus on barbecue and you know there are five types that you can pick from. Perhaps you’ve heard positive and bad reviews of offset wood smokers or “stick-burners”.

There’s no doubt you’ve heard a number of pellet smokers. Traeger pellet grills can be found advertised everywhere. It’s possible that you have heard of charcoal smokers.

Then, you’ve probably been exposed to the electric smokers virtually every website online says are amazing. How do you decide, what to do to choose?

Benefits of Wood Smokers

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  • The most delicious smoked meat taste possible – The combustion of wood produces gas solids, liquids, and solids (vapors) which give you the taste you’ve come to would expect from the finest BBQ around the globe. There is no other fuel that can match it, though charcoal is quite close.
  • Tradition – Smoking meat is something that you’re interested in and you would like to make it happen “right” that is why burning wood is the best method to follow. Burning wood is many difficulties but if doing it in the traditional manner matters to you and is worth the effort, then, of course, purchase the stick-burner.
  • Bark and Smoke Ring – Wood smokers will provide you with the finest bark and attractive smoke rings. Smoke ring results from the interaction of the pink protein in meat called myoglobin, carbon monoxide, and nitric dioxide (which is produced by charcoal or wood burning).
  • The cool factor – There’s nothing better than using a traditional offset smoker in your backyard to wow your family and friends. You’re cooking meat exactly the same way you’ve done it for many years as did Aaron Franklin or any other famous chef.
  • Capacity – Offsets are usually quite large and can take on many racks of ribs or complete packer briskets. This is crucial to be capable of handling everything at the back of your garden.
  • A crisp finish Smokers made of wood can handle greater temperatures that electric ones. Smoke poultry and enjoy a crispy skin.

Benefits of Electric Smoker

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The cost to purchase – Electric smokers can be extremely cheap and are often under $200. You won’t find a good pellet or wood smoker for less than $700 (I stated decent). But a decent robust, long-lasting electric smoker will cost you at least $500.

A lot of people begin with a basic electric model, but they’ll regret it when the doors begin to leak or the smoker doesn’t keep the temperature, and then it begins to fall into pieces.

Like most things in life, you’ll receive what you spend. If electric power is suitable for you, I would suggest checking out the best brands such as Smokin-It.

Price to use Low cost, inexpensive and affordable to run. Based on where you live, the price to run electricity can be as low as a few dollars for 8 hours. smoke.

And perhaps $6 for 6 oz. of hardwood. Pellet grills are priced at $1 per hour. and stick-burners can cost more, depending on the place you purchase that half piece of lumber.

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Simple Lazy-Q at its best. The main benefit of electric smokers is their simplicity. Are you able to use an oven? You can also make use of an electronic smoker. It’s the same as using a smoldering firewood and water pan.

Add the meat with the wood, then add the water pan, shut the door, and then leave. Electric smokers are the most simple to use and are great for those who are just beginning to get their feet in the water of cooking food.

Variety – Electric smokers operate at lower temperatures. This allows smokers to smoke cheese fish, nuts, and an array of things that would be impossible by the intense heat produced by a wood-burning smoker.

If smoking cheese, pork belly, or almonds, is something you’d like do, an electric smoker is the best option for you.

Three Things to Think About When Comparing Electric Smokers vs Wood Smokers

When you’ve decided on the type of smoker you want, deciding on the model you want to purchase becomes a snap. There are 3 major categories to consider when deciding between electric and wood smokers.

1. Simplicity of Use

When we talk about ease of use, we are referring to the amount of time and effort you will put into your grill. This will not just impact the initial choice of which kind to pick, but it will affect each cooking you make and the level of satisfaction you have with the choice you made as well as how frequently you utilize it.

Many people underestimate their capacity to cook, maintain or clean after cooking. In the end, they are less interested in making use of their smoker and leave it in the backyard unattended.

Whatever the quality of the barbecue but if the time and effort involved isn’t worth the effort the smoker you have purchased will be discarded.

The amount of time you’re willing to spend is based on the assumption that the barbecue smoker you select can actually produce quality barbecue. You’ll find out below that many offset smokers that are sold in Home Depot or Lowe’s are not worth the effort.

Controlling the smoke and fire with them is like cutting off a tree using an axe – not enjoyable in the least. This is a horrible problem that is easily avoided.

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2. Flavour & Smoke

It is undisputed that electric smokers give off an eminent smoke flavour, and have less bark than wood smokers produce. I have an electric smoker, and it produces fantastic barbecue dishes like ports butt, ribs, Brisket, etc. But, there’s no question about the difference the charcoal and wood smokers.

A wood smoker will provide a wide range of gasses that ignite and robust smoke that allows you to replicate the finest barbecue you’ve ever tasted. If the taste is your main concern and you don’t worry too much about price or simplicities smoking wood is the only option to meet your needs.

3. Cost is to Purchase and Operate

If you own a good gas grill, you can get excellent quality smoking meat with the two-zone technique as well as wood chips. There is no need to purchase a smoker that is specifically designed for you if don’t need to.

There are many videos that show how to cook meats with charcoal or gas grills and wood chips.

There are numerous smoking tubes available and they’re extremely efficient. I strongly suggest you give the tubes a shot before making any decision regarding a devoted smoker. The results are quite excellent and you might be surprised to discover that this is adequate to meet your needs.

If you do decide you’d like to have a smoker that’s dedicated The price of wood and electricity could be substantial, particularly in the lower end of the market.

An entry-level electric smoker could be bought for less than $200. The majority of them do a decent job, give some smoke flavour and make a great barbecue. They all operate using the same basic principle: an element for heating and burning wood.

The issue with the basic units is that they are usually cheaply constructed they leak smoke, do not hold heat well, and require racks of ribs and Briskets that need which must be cut in half to accommodate.

Moving up to a higher-quality electric smoker can fix all of these problems, however, costs can be as high as $500 for the top brands.
However, electric smokers are extremely affordable to run with just electricity and small amounts of wood chips.

Wood smokers, on the other hand, particularly offset smokers cost around $300. However, they do not usually do an excellent job. They release heat and smoke. They have poor draft and temperature control.

They also are prone to rust. My opinion is that buying an offset wood smoker that is cheap is the most efficient method to pour alcohol over an uncooked barbecue for a long period of time.

A quality offset smoker will cost you between $700 and $1000. I’m sure that many might disagree on this, however, if you do your study, you’ll see that the experts agree that you should not purchase a low-cost offset smoker.

If you’re looking to learn how to smoke barbecue and you want to make it happen for just a few hundred dollars, your choice is between an electric and. wood smoker to the electric side hands down.

Electric Smoker vs Wood Smoker- Aren’t they both identical?

In a nutshell – no. Pellets are indeed made from compressed wood, however, the process of making them, their cost as well as the operating difficulties, and results will differ from one to the other. To begin it will have an electric ignition box. It will come with basic or advanced temperature control. The wood pellets it consumes at an alarming speed.

Smokers made of pellets (or grills) are easy to operate and have become extremely well-known. They are simply loaded with pellets then set the temperature and you’re good to go.

However, when we talk about wood smokers at Lazy Q Life, we’re referring to the stick burners. Offset smokers with no advanced control systems, use regular logs of wood and can pose a significant task to operate and control when cooking.

You’ll also get a lot of the same gases and taste profiles as the stick burner as well as the pellet grill, but they’re different in terms of expertise as well as the amount of attention that has to be paid to the cooking process and the price of entry.


Wood smokers and. electric smokers Which one is better? If you want to smoke meat primarily and you’re seeking the finest flavor, there’s not much doubt that a wooden or pellet smoker is likely to make food that tastes better than an electric smoker

However, should you reside in a house or in a location that does not allow open flames and charcoal, then electricity is sure to perform the best job for you.

As someone who has had the pleasure of using electricity, wood and charcoal and having had the pleasure of using them, I can assure you that electric smokers can produce delicious-tasting food. However, when it comes to what I’m planning to make use of for brisket, ribs, and pork butt the best choice is going to be charcoal or wood.

I hope this article made it easier for you to decide between a smoker made of wood or an electric smoker. You’ll enjoy the food regardless of the one you choose. The time isn’t too long to indulge in bad barbecue!

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